Digital AccEleration
Digital Acceleration Consulting helps you build a future-forward business model with digital transformation at the core. We focus on building a strategy that will deliver exponential customer value, expand your total addressable market, and provide you with unique competitive advantage. Our recommendations are tailored to the capacity of your current organization today and where it will be in the next six, twelve, and twenty-four months.

We start by assessing your current business model and your vision for the future. We evaluate your core assets including the industries you serve, event portfolio, digital presence, people, technology, data, customers and culture, and leadership. We focus on understanding your desired outcomes and goals and the current challenges and future opportunities required to achieve them.

We help you build a business model for the future complemented by a technology roadmap and a pilot plan to test, iterate and go to market. We believe that pilot plans that are based on agreed-upon outcomes and goals are essential to success and will help you embark on your transformation journey while working on your existing business.

Discovery & Scope

Initial scoping sessions, background materials review, internal and external stakeholder interviews, product portfolio review, customer surveys and feedback.


Business Direction

Understand how well the current business supports desired outcomes across marketing, sales, customers, and operations.


Business Readiness

Evaluate teams, processes, culture, and leadership to understand the ability to lead digital efforts.


Core Process Assessment

Deep dive into sales, marketing, and customer support across audience, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers.


Technology & Data

Assess and document current digital tech stack, utilization, recency, security, data organization, and integrations.


Culminating our process, our customers are presented with and receive a detailed Digital Acceleration Report that includes:

  • Assessment Objectives & Approach
  • Findings
  • Current & Future Business
  • Product & Revenue Opportunities
  • Potential Outcomes
  • People/Resource Impact
  • High-Level Costs
  • High-Level Tech Stack 
  • Recommended Approach with a focus on Pilots
  • Next Steps

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