Every successful digital transformation strategy will experience significant challenges throughout the implementation phases.  If these challenges are not forecasted, identified, prioritized, and addressed through a rigorous methodology utilizing a modern, effective toolset, the result can be disastrous and hard for the organization to overcome.  A key role in any transformational project is the management and oversight of the project.

First and foremost, the role of a project manager is to create and manage the agenda for change, decide how it will be achieved, determine what constitutes its success and ensure all participants and stakeholders have clear access to information. There must be a clear understanding of what is being implemented and why, and an expertise in leveraging the right communication and organizational tools.

These tools should include:

  • Planning: Plan schedules and timelines all in one place with tasks, templates, workflows, and calendars
  • Collaboration: Assign tasks, add comments, organize dashboards, allow proofing and approvals
  • Documentation: Edit, document, and store all files
  • Evaluation and Communication: Track, assess, and report success through resource management and reporting

This will help all project resources and business stakeholders understand the current status and upcoming tasks, deliverables and timelines of the project while minimizing long, wasteful meetings.


Identify key stakeholders, strategic plan, implementation timelines, and resource skills, knowledge, and capacity.


Toolset Management

Ensure proper project management tools are deployed, available, and understood by all participating resources.


Iterative/Agile Process

Implement a structured Agile methodology to prioritize tasks, scope activities, estimate timelines, track responsibilities, and report outcomes.


Executive/Stakeholder Transparency

Ensure proper communication mechanisms are in place to provide full transparency on status, progress, issues and roadblocks, and outcomes.


Project Management

Provide leadership and oversight of staff, resources, and workflow to successfully achieve on-time delivery.

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